What can be treated

Rehab Treatment - What can be treated
Rehab Treatment – What can be treated

What can be treated. Addictions can come in many forms, and be notoriously hard to treat. However, that’s where we come in!

Perhaps you’re exhausted of looking for help and realise you need professional help. ADUS Healthcare provides the best treatment options for a whole range of addictions, including: drug and alcohol, eating disorders, gambling and sex addiction. We work simultaneously with a highly skilled team of healthcare professionals, addiction counsellors and interventionists.

ADUS Healthcare is one of the largest addiction treatment organisations in the UK, and has a wealth of detox clinics and addiction rehab centres both in the UK, and abroad. On top of this we also supply special services. Including: individualised counselling programs, home detox as well as aftercare.

ADUS Healthcare works to developing the best plan of action for you as the individual and your situation. We provide continual support for both you and your loved ones throughout and following your treatment.

Of course, we fully appreciate just how the road to recovery is. However, we have the best knowledge and skills to make it as smooth as possible and get you back to being happy and healthy.

We understand that is case is completely unique – that’s why we offer treatment centres both nearby, and clinics abroad. Often people may feel that the best option is travelling to unfamiliar circumstances to truly give them the best time and space away from ‘reality’ as you know it.