Rehab Treatment - GHB / GBL
Rehab Treatment – GHB / GBL

GHB / GBL. Both GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate) and GBL (gamma butyrolactone) are dangerous, closely linked drugs with similar anesthetic and sedative effects. GBL is actually converted to GHB soon after entering the body. They produce sleepiness, feelings of euphoria, more confidence, a higher libido as well as a reduction in inhibitions. They can both be deadly, particularly when mixed with other substances (especially depressants, including alcohol) and sedative substances. Other risks include unconsciousness and comas. Even those that have been taking it for a long time are at risk of death.

GHB / GBL – Other side effects

GHB / GBL. Other side effects include seizures, convulsions, delusions, nausea and vomiting. Both drugs have been associated with drug-related assault – because of how much they can knock you out. A normal dose is around a teaspoonful – although it can vary in strength. This makes it hard for users to know how much they are consuming, meaning overdoses are more likely. In appearance, it is often a colourless, odourless substance and oily in texture. The taste of both is a little salty. There is a less common form of GHB called iGHB that comes in a powder form. The effects begin approximately ten minutes to an hour later, and can last for around several hours. Possession of GHB/GBL could mean a prison sentence of up to 2 years and/or an unlimited fine. Supply can mean up to 14 years in jail and/or an unlimited fine.

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