Home Detox

Rehab Treatment - Home Detox
Rehab Treatment – Home Detox

Good news. We offer the finest most supported home detox available anywhere in the UK. It is set at one price of just £1295. We recognise that a residential detox centre may not be suitable for all. There may be family ties, or concerns for their job. The funding may not be available to enter a rehab clinic. Whatever the situation, it’s important that you don’t struggle alone, hence why we provide home detox programs as another option. The entire process can be carried out from the comfort of your own home, with a team of highly qualified professional that will ensure the process happens safely.


After a first assessment, we shall design a programme, especially adapted to suit you and your circumstances. We will ensure that medical staff are on hand throughout the process if this is required. We’ll arrange counselling support for both the individual and their loved ones, and will also provide the best quality follow-up care.

So we’re literally with you every step of the way… although it is a daunting process, ADUS Healthcare makes sure that you will never have to go it alone.

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