Crystal Meth

Rehab Treatment - Crystal meth
Rehab Treatment – Crystal meth

Crystal meth is the street name for methamphetamine. It stimulates the CNS ( central nervous system). It’s a synthetic drug, closely related to Speed (amphetamine), but more potent. Plus it carries a high dependency level and potential for misuse.

Other names for it include:

Crank, ice, ritalin, tina,’charley sheen’ etc. The effects are similar to that of cocaine, they’re both described as euphoric, however crystal meth last longer and Is more intense. It comes in an odourless and bitter tasting, white crystalline powder. It’s readily soluble in water or alcohol and can also be produced in tablet form. Can be snorted, taken orally, injected or smoked. The effects differ depending on the method taken… it immediately comes into effect after being injected or smoked.

The effects

Effects are similar to that of crack cocaine, but last a while longer. Even a little amount of methamphetamine produce the associated effects, such as wakefulness, euphoria, increased libido, and decreased appetite, increased breathing and an increase in physical activity. Common negative side effects include: panic attacks, nausea, compulsive repetitive behaviour and clamping of the jaw. Depending on how it is consumed, the effects generally last between 4 and 12 hours.

Frequent use

Frequent use of crystal meth can lead to a dependency, with tolerance levels rising. Users can also experience both physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. These include an intense craving for the drug, anxiety and depression.


There have also been connections with a reduction in motor skills, which may lead to a predisposition for Parkinson’s disease. Crystal meth can lead to psychiatric problems, with the symptoms often echoing those with paranoid schizophrenia, including hallucinations and intense paranoia. It can lead to methamphetamine induced psychosis, where users understanding of things are different to others around them. This in itself can lead to suicidal and homicidal thoughts.

violent and aggressive tendencies

It is also associated with violent and aggressive tendencies and strongly linked with crime. Injecting the drug carries all the other associated risks, such as Hepatitis Band C and HIV. Loss of inhibitions and an increased libido both mean that unsafe sex is more common. Heavy and frequent users of crystal meth may suffer from tooth loss and decay – thus coining the nickname ‘meth mouth’.