Cocaine / Crack Cocaine

Rehab Treatment - Cocaine, Crack Cocaine
Rehab Treatment – Cocaine, Crack Cocaine
Cocaine, Crack Cocaine

Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, coke, charlie, blow, toot, base, dust, flake, snow, candy, cola, nose candy, crack, white, wash, ching, chang. These are just some of the names given to Cocaine. 90% of the world’s cocaine is produces in South America. This drug is made from Coca leaves which are crushed then process with petrol and finely made into a white powder. There are two types of cocaine. The usual Powder Cocaine (also known as coke), which is usually snorted or sometimes ingested orally. It’s a strong stimulant that’s used as a recreational or ‘party’ drug.

Crack (which is simply powder form that’s been prepared for smoking) It’s more addictive and has a much more potent effect. This is due to reaching the brain at a rapid rate. Sometimes it’s injected too – which comes with the usual associated risks. Not only does this damage veins, it spreads nasty viruses, such as Hepatitis C and Aids. Effects on the body Different parts of the brain, body and nervous system that cocaine affects, all help control your heartbeat. Also, cocaine increases dopamine nerve stimulation in the brain. Dopamine is the transmitter that acts as a natural reward chemical. Cocaine interferes with ‘dopamine removal’ and so effectively floods the brains receptors making the system hyperactive. These effects can build up to over stimulate areas in the brain and body, this also puts extra strain on the heart.


Users may take the drug to feel more alert and have more confidence. But the long term effects can be fatal. Repeated use causes agitation, mood swings, addiction, and cardiac arrests. In the short term people may feel high, using the drug can make the user feels low and depressed. Consequentially it can lead to panic attacks, paranoia, and severe anxiety. As well as these, it can also bring previously undetected mental health problems to surface or worsen pre-existing ones.

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