Rehab Treatment
Rehab Treatment

Rehab treatment 

We are one of the main groups of rehab centres in the UK. We have five residential rehab centres for drug and alcohol addiction. Are you losing a loved one to drugs or alcohol addiction? Do you need help with addiction? does someone you know need help? Not only can we get you well. But we can save you £1000’s on addiction treatment at our own rehab centres.

Is addiction destroying your life and happiness, or the life and happiness of someone you love?

Are you confused by the mass of information about Rehab, Detox etc? Treatment for drug addiction or alcoholism can be the first step towards your brand new life. We help hundreds of clients each year to recover their dignity and well-being. Are you looking at private or independent drug rehabilitation or alcohol rehabilitation clinics in the UK?

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If you’ve been searching for a solution for either yours, or a friend’s addiction problem, ADUS can help you.

We appreciate just how difficult it is to begin the recovery process. That is why we are here; whether it’s to refer you to detox and rehabilitation centres, or simply to give advice… ADUS Healthcare has the knowledge and expertise to set you in the right direction and be able to look towards a brighter future.


Addiction can come in many forms. It may be drug or alcohol related, gambling, eating disorders, sex addiction, or you may need help to free you from the shackles of stress and depression.

ADUS Healthcare – Est: 2009, works with a team of highly qualified counsellors and healthcare professionals. We are one of the main addiction treatment organisations in the UK, and have access to a whole host of rehab and detox clinics, both here in the UK, and abroad.

Rehab Treatment
Rehab Treatment

We offer

We provide personalised services and, if required, can supply you with the necessary tools to begin a detox at home.

Plus we understand that whatever treatment you need, will not just be a quick fix… it is the constant support both during, and after your treatment – as well as help for loved ones throughout the process.

Why ADUS Healthcare

Welcome to ADUS Healthcare. We offer the most affordable drug and alcohol detox programmes in multiple clinics such as inpatient treatment programmes and residential drug and alcohol rehab. Our alcohol and drug clinics are fully equipped and designed to make your withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs as comfortable as possible. Our detox clinics have an in house chef to cater for your nutritional requirements.

We have a team of fully qualified nurses working around the clock to ensure a smooth detox. Our alcohol and drug clinics are conveniently situated across the UK and are designed to cater for a small number of clients, this ensures the personal touch and a very high level of care. Whether you are sure about the type of alcohol and drug treatment you need or are interested in learning about all of the options call our admissions team today on: 0845 3881 543 or Mobiles call 07811 606 606

Our Clinics

Our clinics get great value – and costs for drug and alcohol rehab are within the most affordable 5% in the UK. Plus our services include medically supervised detox, group and 1-2-1 counselling sessions, complementary therapies, creative activities, leisure activities, sport and family days.

Treatment for drug addiction or alcoholism can be the first step towards your brand new life. We help hundreds of clients each year to recover their dignity and well-being.

Thing of the past

Drugs and alcohol can be a thing of the past – and it doesn’t stop there. You will find so much more for you in recovery than you ever thought possible: restored relationships; new career; educational achievements; health improvements. Anything you want to achieve, we can help you get there.


Choose one of our private detoxification packages at one of our clinics and our promises to you are:

    • 24 hour clinical alcohol and drug treatment.
    • Private rooms.
    • Specialist detox doctors.
    • Cost-effective alcohol and drug treatment programs in the UK.
    • Experienced drug and alcohol therapists.
    • Bespoke alcohol and drug treatment programs.
  • Freshly prepared, nutritious meals throughout your stay to help with your detox.

Drug detox at one of our uk clinics is the 1st step towards a brand new life, without the physical need or the mental craving to use alcohol and drugs ever again.


At Adus Healthcare, our primary objective is to provide the finest, most cost-effective rehabilitation from alcoholism and drug addiction available in the UK. We are at the end of the phone to discuss treatment with you – call 0845 3881 543 or Mobiles call 07811 606 606, 24 hours a days, 365 days a year.

12 step programme

Our rehabilitation programmes are intensive and structured, based upon the world-renowned 12 step treatment model for alcoholism and addiction, pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous. Our treatment process – Stop; Change; Plan; Fly – will take you through four key stages of recovery from addiction or alcoholism, giving you new skills to deal with the illness.

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For many this can be an incredibly daunting step as alcohol or drugs will have been a support system for a long time. Many clients arrive knowing that they have to give up alcohol or drugs but not really wanting to. Sometimes it can take a little persuasion to help people realise that their use of alcohol or drug taking has gone a too far. Our therapists will help both families and clients with this. We work with an inspirational and motivational model, we encourage and support our clients, every step of the way, through this emotional and physical time. All of our clinics have structured counselling sessions to address the psychological aspects of alcohol or drug withdrawal at the same time as the physiological aspects. Help and support is only a phone call away.

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